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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Immortal Technique-The 3rd World

Immortal Technique-The 3rd World [Explicit/Retail/2008]
As U All Know I Am A Strong Supporter of Immortal Technique & I Am Going to Buy This on June 24. I Strongly Consider Everyone Uses this Download to Listen to the Album Now But Purchases it After Because Tech is Not as Rich as Lil Wayne so If U Could Buy C3 than U Can Buy the 3rd World. I Had this Album Since the 16th but I Really Didn't Want it to Leak so I Kept it Secret But I Saw it On Hear-It-First and Some Other Blogs So I Figured Itz Too Late 2 Save It From Leakage (Sorry Tech). Without Further Delay Here It is Immortal Technique Welcome to the 3rd World MutherFucker!!!
Note: 2 Hidden Tracks 1st on Track 8 2nd on Track 16


Anonymous said...

apparently there is another hidden track in the first track, but you have to play it in a CD player and rewind it a certain way, at least that's what it said on wikipedia. Anyways, here's a link to it

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